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Why It’s Healthy to Keep a Tidy Home

We don’t know about you, but it is HARD to keep up with the clutter and mess at our house! Our schedules are so busy with work, school, sports, and daily life that the mess (and dirt) accumulate quickly! Finding the motivation to tidy and clean isn’t easy. Still, we are trying to make it happen knowing how better we feel in a neat and clean environment. It turns out that feeling better in a tidy home is an ACTUAL thing. A clean and tidy home is proven to have multiple health benefits. Read More

What Motivates People to Move?

If you live in the DFW metroplex, chances are that you know multiple people who moved last year. We saw many people moving out of the metroplex and even more looking to set down roots in DFW. And a lot of moves were within the metroplex as well, often within the same city or even neighborhood. The 2022 market was a wild ride and we are investigating what really motivates people to move. Read More

Does Real Estate Staging Really Matter?

The Real Estate Market in DFW has had a crazy few years! Homes have sold quicker than ever before, the inventory has been slim, bidding wars intense, but with interest rates a little higher, the metroplex is experiencing a more balanced market between buyers and sellers. With this market change, we have to ask ourselves, what sets our listings apart from others? We have a vast network, extensive marketing, professional listing photos, but we know the biggest difference is staging. Read More