I enthusiastically echo what Kori Lynn Odor and Laura Hervey Tovar have already said about Ellen Davis Real Estate Group. What makes Ellen and her team so special? Well, for starters, they listen and have a genuine interest in meeting their clients’ needs. In my case, it was helping my sister and me to sell our childhood home following our parents’ deaths. Our parents bought this home more than 50 years ago, so not only did my sister and I grow up in it, but our children and grandchildren have made special memories there as well. Selling it was tough, but Ellen and her team held our hands and walked us through the process with warmth, compassion, and professionalism! It was important to my sister and me that our childhood home be sold to another young family, just as it had been in 1967 when our parents bought it. Ellen arrived at our first meeting, familiar with the neighborhood, and armed with all sorts of sales data. She suggested a few updates which would make our home more appealing to young families, and she even offered to help us with referrals to professionals if we didn’t want to do the work ourselves. She recommended a timeline to help us get our house on the market when the greatest number of young families would be looking, and she took us to a couple homes she had listed, so we could see what her staged properties looked like. Ellen generously shared these gifts before we even hired her! Of course, we were so impressed, we wasted no time securing her services! When the updating was complete and our house was ready to go on the market, she and her team did an INCREDIBLE job of staging, professionally photographing, and marketing it in such a way that young families were tripping over themselves to see our home. An interesting thing happened along the way. As we all worked together to prepare the home for its next family, not only was the house transformed, but my sister and I were as well. You see, the updating we made and the staging Ellen employed made the house feel less like our childhood home and more like the home of a young family. We were as ready, emotionally, as we ever could be, to say good-bye. As seems to be the case with most of the homes Ellen lists, we received multiple offers over the listing price the very first weekend, including a really strong offer from a young family…just as we had hoped for! A few weeks later, we were signing papers at the title company with tears of joy and sadness streaming down our cheeks, and Ellen was there with hugs and Kleenex! Ellen and her team are highly skilled, creative, and exceptionally talented. They LOVE what they do, and it shows from the first meeting to closing and beyond. You feel like you are their only client, and they work tirelessly to support you and your needs. What makes Ellen and her team so special? They understand that buying/selling a home can be an emotionally charged event. The Ellen Davis Real Estate Group helped my sister and me take a critical step in moving forward with our lives. I am confident Ellen and her team can help you do the same.

— Jeanie Lawson