5 Creative Curb Appeal Tips for Selling a Home

When you’re looking to sell your home, getting top dollar is key. Your real estate agent may suggest improvements you can make to increase your home valuation and appeal to prospective buyers. 

When it comes to the interior of your home, we offer professional home staging services to all of our home sellers to ensure buyers form wonderful first impressions from the moment they walk inside your home. But did you know that updating your home’s exterior can be just as important? 


A neatly kept white house with flower boxes

When it comes to getting top dollar for your home, improving curb appeal is a fairly easy step you can take to increase interest. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of curb appeal and five creative curb appeal tips that will help you sell your home faster. 


What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal refers to the aesthetic attractiveness of a property as viewed from the street (or “curb”). Many factors contribute to the concept of curb appeal, such as the condition of the paint/siding and landscaping. 

Creative curb appeal is important because it gives prospective homebuyer’s their first impression of a property. The first impression is often the strongest one, and a home’s exterior can contribute to whether or not buyers want to see the inside. 

If you’re wondering whether your home has good curb appeal at the moment, go outside and take an objective look at your home exterior. What kind of impressions do you think your home would currently make on a stranger? 

If certain elements of your home need fixing, such as loose steps or chipped paint, buyers may assume that other aspects of your house also need work, potentially lowering how much value they ascribe to the property. 

But don’t worry! Improving your home’s curb appeal for selling doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. Any change that adds perceived value to your home’s exterior is beneficial. 

Here are five easy and creative curb appeal tips for selling your home!

1. Tend to the Front Lawn 

Yard work may not be your favorite chore, but an unkempt lawn can negatively affect prospective buyers’ opinions on your property. If your grass is overgrown, keep it mowed, and make sure you keep the edging trim. Grass overgrowing on the sidewalks or into the flower beds will look untidy.

A man in green t-shirt operating a weed wacker

The goal for maintaining landscaping on a budget is to make it look clean but low-maintenance. It should look tidy but also uncomplicated. When you have too many plants, that requires a lot of upkeep, which may be an unattractive feature for some buyers. 

Potted plants and flowers are an easy way to add some color and freshness to your yard without overcomplicating things. We recommend sticking with low-maintenance native plants if you plan on adding any to boost your curb appeal. 

2. Front Door Focus 

The front door will always be a focal point for your home, so when it comes to curb appeal updates, add this one to your list. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, a decorative wreath, and smudge-free glass can all go a long way. 

If your white house has white trim and a white front door, maybe it’s time to consider a brighter color to make it pop! If you do decide to add a fresh color, you can tie in other decorative elements, such as flowers or cute porch accents, to tie everything together. 

3. Keep it as Clean as Possible

Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen is probably already part of your weekly routine, but when was the last time you cleaned your home’s exterior? A big part of curb appeal is a clean appearance. 

You want your front porch and siding to look as clean as possible. A useful creative curb appeal tip is to use a pressure washer on everything: your siding, front porch, steps, walkways, and driveways can all use a good pressure wash.

A cute white and tan house with good curb appeal

Don’t underestimate the power of a sparkling clean home. If you have children or pets in the home, try to keep the front windows as clean as possible. A clean home looks like a well-maintained home, which is valuable to buyers. 

4. Decorate Your Entryway

Backyards are not the only area where you can add outdoor living space. If you have a front porch, adding furniture and decor to make it look inviting will work wonders on prospective buyers. A nice porch swing or a set of cozy chairs will help buyers envision cool mornings on the front porch with a steaming mug of coffee. 

If your home does not have a front porch, you can still make your front stoop inviting with seasonal flowers, solar lighting, and a brand-new welcome mat. 

5. Upgrade Your House Numbers

This curb appeal tip tends to be the easiest and cheapest one to accomplish. Homeowners don’t often think about the house numbers on their homes, but this simple upgrade is effective.

Black house numbers on a brick home

Swap out the old, rusty numbers for new ones. Choose numbers in a font and style that match your home’s current exterior but in an upgraded way. Make sure the numbers are legible – you know where you live, but buyers coming for open houses and showings will appreciate being able to locate your home easily! 

Work with Your Realtor to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

You don’t have to go at it alone! The best part about working with a local experienced real estate agent is that we can assist you with every part of the home buying and selling process. 

When you work with the Davis Real Estate Group, we’ll work with you and give you expert advice to ensure your home sells for the best price possible. And with our complimentary home staging services, we ensure your home makes the best first impression. 


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